Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Worst day of my life.....

Today was the worst day of my life. I buried my best friend, Lynnette Dunaway. I never dreamt this day would ever come. Not so soon. I received the call last Thursday, May 7th, at work. Since then, everything seems like a fog. I am expecting to wake up from this nightmare at any time now. I just can not believe she is gone. I am going to miss her smile, her laugh, her "hey girl" greeting, her sense of humor and I miss my friend deeply. She was such a unique friend. We could go months without calling or seeing each other and when one of us would pick up the phone, it was like no time lapsed at all. I read somewhere that with each tear that you shed, it's a memory of that person. I have so many fond memories of Lynn. I hope they get me through the hard days. I know she is in a better place and she is with Kameron but its still so hard!!!!
I miss you Lynn!!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

oops....I've been MIA

Where did January go?

Where did February go?

Here it is the middle of March and I haven't posted since the first of January.

SO what have I been up to?

Well....still digital scrapbooking. Which I am totally loving and really addicted to!!! I am still trying to finish our June '08 Disney trip. Here's a recent layout...

About 2 weeks ago, Brett and Nolan got new pets!!! Here Brett is with his.....

Yes....2 gerbils. Even though Jared says we can't call them that. He says they are hamsters. Whatever you call them, they remind me of Shawn Walke....a close childhood friend that died way too young when I was in 8th grade. Maybe that's why I can just sit and watch the gerbils, ahem.....I mean hamsters. They are fun to watch them run around in their cage.

Anyway....what else. Oh! We bought a couch for the formal living room!!! Yahoo!!! Finally....after 5 years in this house, my room is almost complete. Here is my new couch. It took me forever to pick it out. This was the only sectional I found that was small enough for that area. Now I need a new coffee table and some pillows...

Oh... and I was in talks with the producers at the Dr. Phil show about wanting a daughter. But they didn't call back (meaning we weren't selected). Oh well, guess I wasn't meant to have a daughter. :-(

Bradley got into a flight at school. I hope he learned his lesson.

Brett is doing great with his straight A's.

Nolan has really improved in baseball this year over last year.

Jared is great. Not feeling well at this moment.

And I am bored. That's why this blog finally gets a post!!!

Until next time.....

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Another year in the books. Another year that flown by. I wonder what 2009 will bring. So far it's off to a great start!

I'm been thinking about my New Years resolution. There are alot of things I would like to accomplish this year.

I would like to devote more quality time to my kids. Even though Nolan tells me I'm the best mommy in the whole world everyday, I think I can still do so much more.

I would love to get more organized. Especially de-cluttering.

Will this be the year we finally furnish the formal living and dining room? I sure hope so.

Of course I would love to lose 20 pounds. You could add that to the list every year.

Lots of ideas but I think this years resolution will be to focus on and actually complete Project 365. You can read about it here. http://community.creatingkeepsakes.com/store/products/project_365_kit I was actually one of the lucky ones to get it before it sold out. This concept is right up my alley. Taking 1 picture a day. Starting today.

Today's picture was of the meal I cooked. It is tradition to eat sauerkraut on New Years Day. Sauerkraut will bring good luck to you and your family in the year ahead, if it's your first meal of the new year. Since I'm not taking any chances and I need all the help I can get....that's what I make every New Years Day.

So whether or not you eat sauerkraut today, I wish you good luck to you and yours in 2009!!!

Happy New Year!!!