Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Dear 2008

Goodbye 2008.

It's not that I don't like you. I'm tired of hearing about you. So much happened this year. Matter of fact, so much happened this year that it'll be in the history books for years to come.

2008. The worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. Mortgage crisis. Lehman Brothers. Stock Market plunges. Bailouts. US auto industry. Job losses. All of it. Yes, I'm tired of hearing about it but at the same time, I am thankful that the economy didn't hit my family harder than it could have.

Terroist attacks in India. Russia Georgia war. Images I hate to see.

Okay 2008, you did have some things that were positive. I loved watching the Olympics with the boys. Especially watching Michael Phelps win a record 8 Gold medals! Watching Obama's historic presential win -- especially the acceptance speech was something I was glad to see.

2008, you weren't all bad. I mean, I did get to go to Disney World twice this year! Jared and I celebrated 10 years of marriage. In fact, this year as every day passed, we grew closer together.
So 2008, you weren't all bad. But like I said, since we will be hearing about you, reading about you for a long time, I'm ready to put you behind us!

Here's to 2009! For peace, love and prosperity!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Looking forward to...

Some people can't wait for Christmas to be over. For me I can't wait until it is here!

This year, I am looking forward to...

...spending time with our family

...eating lots of cookies and candy

...playing games, especially my new Apples to Apples to go

...taking hundreds of pictures

...watching the boys open their gifts

...laughing with my sisters and brothers

...having hours of wonderful, amazing conversation

...eating HoneyBaked ham

...being woke up on Christmas morning by 3 very excited boys

...listening to beautiful Christmas music at church

...making more memories!!!!

Whatever it is that you look forward to, I wish you the best!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

Christmas is almost here!

Today I woke up and realized it was December 23rd. I began to panic! I still had several presents to buy. Coupons to use (that expires on the 24th). Food to make-- but first have to go to the store. Presents to wrap. The list in my head continued and continued. So at 8am, I woke the boys up and we were on our way to Florence for some last minute hustle and bustle.

We accomplished alot. Our first stop was the HoneyBaked Ham store. We arrived at a good time as they were only about 10 people in line. By the time we left, the line was out the door. That is one line that is worth the wait! I can't wait to eat the ham on Christmas. Just one tradition we have. After picking up the ham, we went to Best Buy to get a new tv for the family room, then to Dick's where I got some amazing deals and then finally to Target. The stores were crowded but the lines went so smooth. We were in and out with no problems. Of course the boys were well behaved so that helped!

To reward them for being so good, I took them to (expensive) Steak n Shake. Since they need all the calories they can get, they both got a large chocolate milk shake and we all got a "value" meal. $19.67 later and we headed for home.

On the way home Brett said if it didn't start to sleet, it would be a perfect day. I smiled and agreed it WAS a perfect day. Indeed it was. It was a perfect day. I woke in a panic for no reason.

The sleet, freezing rain, ice and bad roads kept me from going to the grocery store tonight. So I get the joy of fighting the crowds in the morning. Hopefully it won't be too bad if I go really early.

Instead of the store, Brett, Nolan and I are laying in my bed watching "How the Grinch Stole Christmas". A perfect ending to a perfect day.

How did I get so lucky???

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day...a letter to my boys

Dear Bradley, Brett and Nolan,

It's November 4th, 2008. A historic day. No matter how I vote today, Americans and I will make history today. Democrat Barack Obama could become the first African-American president. Republican John McCain could become the oldest president elected to a first term. Sarah Palin could become the first woman elected vice president. Record voter turnout also is predicted.

I know you don't completely understand this whole election thing, but your interest in the election has been exciting. Its great to talk to you about the topics that the candidates are talking about. You have voted at, you have made your signs, you wore red, white and blue today and you have watched the news with me. You have talked to kids at school about the election and have come home with questions about taxes, jobs and Barak's middle name. You have seen the commercials on TV that are mean and distasteful and asked why people would say such mean, hurtful and sometimes untruthful things. With all these things to help you form your opinion--You don't agree with each other on who to vote for. Bradley & Brett, you want me to vote McCain. Nolan, you want me to vote for Obama.

The 2008 race for the White House has been going on for over 21 months and people are engaged. It has rewritten the rules on how to reach voters, raise money, organize supporters, manage the news media, track and mold public opinion, and wage -- and withstand -- political attacks. What it has given people, is a sense of hope. It has also brought to the surface a lot of emotion and some outrage. People are ready for change.

I am ready for change. I am voting because we need a change. Today I'm voting for a change. I have traditionally voted for the best candidate- I have never really picked a party, so that doesn't sway my vote today. I have not been impressed with what is happening to our country. Today, I am voting for Barak Obama to be our next president. Sorry Brett. This multicultural, bi-racial idealist is who I feel will best bring about the change that we need in America.

I worry about your future. I worry about what it will mean to grow up a boy in this community, in this state, in this country. I worry that someday your choices will be limited and that you may have to settle instead of reaching for your dreams. I'm worried that you may get sick and that I won't be able to get you the best medical care possible. I'm concerned that you'll be forced to live in a land full of polluted water, air and no natural resources. I'm worried that you may be forced to fight in wars that have no point and no end. I'm voting today with this in mind. I'm voting for your future.

You are lucky in that you were born to two white, educated, professional adults. Apparently, this makes a difference in this country. You are lucky to have parents that can afford to take you to the doctor when you need it. You are lucky to be in an amazing school that constantly tries to improve. Too many kids in this country are not as lucky as you. Something must be done.
When you are older and reading this letter, you will know what the outcome of this election meant for our country. What progress was made. You will know how the war ended with Iraq, and how our nation got out of this terrible economic condition that we are in. What I hope that you will see is how people listened to their hearts, got involved and made a difference. What a changed world that can make.

I want you to know all of these things, because today when I vote I'm thinking of you.

Hugs, kisses and love always,

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Halloween has come and gone. But I must say, it was a great Halloween. I planned the party for Brett's 4th grade class. Seeing the kids at the party is always neat to see because the kids are allowed to dress up. This year I was surprised to see one of the girls dressed up like a 80's girl.

Wait a minute.

A 80's girl?

That wasn't THAT long ago was it?

I mean, she looked like me....just a few years ago.

I had brought my Senior scrapbook to work a few days ago and yes, it was good for a few laughs but I am glad I was raised in the 80's.

There are so many things I don't think I'll ever forget.

The banana clips I used to wear in my hair.

Sometimes I would crimp my hair!

I wore French rolls on the bottom of my splatter painted jeans-- that I HAD to have!

I had slouch socks, and puff painted your own shirt at least once.

I owned a doll with 'Xavier Roberts' signed on it's butt. (I think I still have my Cabbage Patch Dolls)

and then I found more on the internet that I can relate to....

You knew what Willis was "talkin' 'bout."

You know the profound meaning of "Wax on, Wax off."

You can remember watching Full House and Saved by the Bell for endless hours.

You'll always hold a special place in your heart for "Back to the Future."

You know where to go if you "wanna go where everybody knows your name."

You thought Molly Ringwald was REALLY cool.

You know what "psych" means.

You fell victim to 80's fashion: big hair, crimped, combed over to the side, and you wore spandex pants.

You wanted to be a Goonie

You knew "The Artist" when he was humbly called "Prince."

You could breakdance, or wished you could.

You know, by heart, the words to any "Weird" Al Yankovic song.

You remember when ATARI was a state-of-the-art video gaming system.

You own any cassettes or albums.

You were led to believe that in the year 2000 we'd all be living on the moon.

You remember and/or own any of the Care Bear glass collection from Pizza Hut.

"Poltergeist" totally freaked you out.

You carried your lunch to school in a Gremlins or an ET lunchbox.

You have ever pondered why Smurfette was the ONLY female smurf.

You inserted the word "like" into, like, every sentence.

You wore biker shorts underneath a short skirt and felt stylish.

You ever had a Swatch Watch.

You remember when Saturday Night Live was funny.

You have heard of "Garbage Pail Kids" (and perhaps still have a collection of them).

Punks actually "shocked" people.

You wanted to be The Hulk or Rainbow Brite for Halloween.

You know what a "Whammy" is. ("No Whammy, no whammy, stop!")

Partying "like it's 1999" seemed SO far away.

You remember "Friday Night Videos" before the days of MTV.

You remember when music that was labeled "alternative" really was.

You were shocked and horrified at the Challenger explosion (which you were probably watching in school at the time).

Schoolhouse Rock played a HUGE part in how you actually learned the English language.

You ever dressed to emulate a person you saw in either a Duran Duran, Madonna, or Cyndi Lauper video.

At one point during your teenage years, you walked with a noticeable tilt to one side due to the number of plastic rings on that arm.

"Celebration" by Kool & the Gang was one of the hot new songs when you first heard it at a school dance. The first time you ever kissed someone at a dance fell during "Crazy for You" by Madonna.

You ever owned one of those embarrassing crimping irons.

You used to hold in your head the thought that all those gold chains on Mr. T actually looked kinda cool and the thought that Mr. T made millions seemed rational to you at the time.

You remember with pain the sad day when the Green Machine hit the streets and made your old big wheel quite obsolete.

You've gotten this far on the list and aren't totally confused.

The phrase "Where's the beef?" still doubles you over with laughter.

You're starting to believe that maybe 30 isn't so old after all, and it's those people over 40 you have to look out for.

Your hair, at some point in time in the 80's, became something which can only be described by the phrase "I was experimenting."

You've ever shopped at a Banana Republic or Benetton, but not in the last five years, okay?

You ever wanted to be gagged with a spoon.

When someone mentions two consecutive days of the week, the Happy Days theme is stuck in your head for hours on end.

You remember "Hey, let's be careful out there."

You had a crush on Jon Bon Jovi, or knew someone who did.

You thought eating Reese's Pieces would attract your own Alien.

You have ever called 867-5309.

You had a poster of Rob Lowe, Kirk Cameron, or Michael J. Fox on your wall.

You held the top score on Pac-Man.

You owned a t-shirt that said, "I shot J.R." or know someone who did.

You HAD to have your MTV

You know what a "burnout" is.

You owned a Jordache anything, or you remember when Jordache jeans were cool.

You remember when Madonna was just hitting the scene.

You remember the original version of Windows: Macintosh.

You thought "Weird Science" was a masterpiece.

Chevy Chase was really funny in those vacation movies.

You actually know who Rick Springfield is.

I can relate to every item on this list. A few of them brings smiles to my face. I am proud of being a child of the 80's. SO I guess I was glad to see the girl dressed up like a 80's girl. It was a great time in the world that I wish I could go back too as well!!!

As far as my kids for Halloween.....Bradley had a football game so he didn't partake in the activities. Nolan wore a scream mask....guess he was a scary person. Can you believe I didn't get a picture? Brett wore an invisible face mask. Here he is with his friend Aaron before they went out to the sub-division.

I stayed back with Jared for the first time to help pass out candy. I really enjoyed seeing all the kids and their costumes. We had some friends over and had a great time!
Hope you had a great Halloween!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

First Digital Scrapbook Page

I finally did it....I figured out how to use my CS2 program and made my FIRST digital scrapbook layout. It took me forever how to use CS2 but now that I got it, I want to do more! This page was about our meal at the California Grill during our trip to WDW for our anniversary. I can't wait to do more!!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

My Godson is a SENIOR!!!

I had the honor of spending some time with Matthew tonight to get some Senior shots. It was the hardest photoshoot ever! What is it with guys not wanting to smile??? Here are a few-- let me know what you think!

He was being silly peeking through the bushes so I had to take this "fun" shot!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

October all ready?

It's so hard to believe it is October. It seems like it was yesterday when I was vomiting on New Years Day. I was sick ya know. Not alcohol related at all. Seriously. A-hemmm. That sickness lead to my life change aka diet where I lost 20 pounds. I think I found it all back so it's time for me to get back on track. Easier said than done as I am sitting here eating a bag of jelly beans.

I used to hate jelly beans. Now, I love them. But it has to be the jelly belly ones with all the different flavors. I eat them one by one and try to guess the flavors. I love when my teeth bite into a cinnamon or a coconut one. I spit out the coffee ones. Yuk. Anyway, I think they are fun to eat!

October brings my favorite season- fall. Another season is also almost under way- scrapbooking season! When it's cold outside is when I get most of my scrapbooking completed. I can't wait to get started!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Freshman year

I picked up Bradley from football and he handed me his picture packet. (yes, all ready!) I took out the 8x10 and I looked at it.

And looked at it.

And looked at it.

Not only can I believe he is a freshman all ready, I can't believe how confident he looks in this picture.

I think back to when I was in the 9th grade and I think about him and we are so different in many aspects.

Entering 9th grade....
...I went to 8 years of catholic grade school.
...He went to public school for the last 8 years.

...I knew almost no one in the new "big" school.
...He knows almost everyone.

...I was so shy, intimidated and felt all alone.
....He is confident and doesn't care what anyone thinks.

...I didn't participate in any extra-curricular activities until the end of my 9th gr. year.
...Not only is he in football, he has been asking about wrestling and FFA.

...I would have been embarrassed to talk to my parents about "sex" and those kind of things
...He talks openly about it and even told me some locker room talk last night on the way home. (I think I could have done without some of the info) :-)

So many differences, yet we get along so well. I am so proud of him. He really is a good kid. I don't know what the rest of his 9th grade year has in store. I just hope he lives each day the best he knows how!!!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

I got tagged....

How old will you be in 3 birthdays? 37

What were you doing at midnight last night? Sleeping

What was the last thing you drank? Diet Coke

Do you sleep on a certain side of the bed?Yes, I sleep on the right side if you are layingon the bed.

Do you know how to play poker? yes

Do you know how to drive stick? yes-- barely

Do you still have clothes from when you were little? Only my baptismal gown. I do have high school clothes though.

What are you mad about right now? Nothing

Are you a jealous person? depends. Not usually

Who is the sweetest person you know? Nolan

Do you know what you are going to wear tomorrow? Boys have football game so I know it'll be blue and gold

Is your current hair color your natural hair color? no

Have you ever dated anyone more than once? who care

Does anyone like you? My hubby. My kids

What were you doing an hour ago? Writing another chapter for my Disney trip report

Where were you Friday night? A week ago- at the HS football game

Do you wear the seatbelt in the car? Always

Has anyone ever mistaken you for someone else? Yes. People say I remind them of someone all the time

What's the closest blue object to you? Label on a water bottle

What is the weather like today? It rained

Has anyone ever told you they love you? Duh- yes

Is tomorrow going to be a good day? I really hope so...

Do you have a pet? Yes, I guess we have 2 cats since 1 stray isn't going away.

Who was the last person you saw in person? Jared

Are you pregnant? I wish.

What do you hear right now? TV- 20/20

What did you do this past Sunday? watched the lawn mower races and went to a neighbors house

When is the last time you slept in a bed with someone? Last night.

Are you happy with life right now? Yes....

Are you on someone else's mind? I hope so....

Any regrets?Yes....see previous posts

What is your favorite fruit? Pineapple

Do you trust people easily? no way

Who do you call the most? My sister

What is your favorite thing to shop for? scrapbooking supplies

What company is your cellphone provider? Cincinnati Bell

In school, how was/is your attendance record? Terrible. Yet I don't miss much work.

Do you like spicy foods? Yes!

At what age did you learn to ride a bike? I was old...4th grade maybe

What's your favorite holiday? Christmas

Have you ever gone to a concert?Yes, Jared took me to my first concert when I was 21 or 23-- KISS.

Ever dyed your hair? Quite a bit.

Would you rather own a snake or a rabbit? Rabbit.

Would you rather spend or save your money? Spend

Do you ever wear hats? yeah, sometimes

Do you ever get hit on? no....I'm losing my touch

Which do you like more, Pepsi or Mountain Dew? Hate Pepsi. Love Diet Mountain Dew

Do you wet the toothbrush before the toothpaste? Yes

What do you like on your toast? Butter and sugar/cinnamon

Where do you like to keep your money? bad habit-- pocket

Do you watch the news daily? Yes. Depressing though.

Do you have over 150 myspace friends? No, not yet

Have you ever gotten into a car crash? yes

Do you like to press the coin return button on everything for free money? No- my mom used to do that it drives me crazy

Do you clean when you're upset? Sometimes. Usually eat.

What day of the week did/will your birthday fall on this year? Saturday. I spent it watching the boys play football.

Did you wear clip-on/stick-on earrings as a child? LOL yes!

Have you ever seen Walk the Line? yes

Have you eaten pancakes in the past week? No.

Are puddles the best part about rain? No-- especailly if they are on the road.

Do you have curtains in your room? yes

Do you have plans for tonight? Sleep! It's getting late!

Are you wearing anything you borrowed from someone? No

Do you have your nails done? no

Are sunsets romantic? They are beautiful. I love them.

Do you know anyone with Alzheimer's? No. But my mom might be close.

Can you sing all the RENT songs by heart? OMG, yes!

Red or green apples? Red- gala

Do you know anyone who's pregnant? Yes

Can you make brownies without having to look at the directions? OMG- leave my brownie story alone!!!!

Are crayons better than colored pencils? no

Do you have hairspray in your hair? Yes

What were you doing at 9:30 AM? Working....hard :-)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Unexpected Destination

If anyone knows me very well, you know I have always wanted a daughter. Always. All my life. Going back to my Ken and Barbie days when I would make them lay on top of each other and then magically have them have kids. They always had at least 2 girls. The names would vary-- Kayla, Sophie, Samantha, etc... Going back to the time when my mom would say "I can't wait until you have a daughter just like you who treats you like you treat me" and I would say "I can't wait either". You see, I have always wanted that daughter.

After Nolan was born, Jared and I decided that he should get a vasectomy. The day of the procedure, I knew we weren't making the right decision. But I didn't have enough courage to say "Wait-- I think we're making a mistake". When the doctor asked me if I was sure, I remember saying "We can always adopt". So for years, I've been saying I wanted to adopt a daughter.

Last week, after a "I want a daughter" conversation with Jared, I went to bed in tears. After several days of avoiding the subject and not bringing it up, he finally texts me this:

At first, I was a little "mad" because of 2 words: "Let me". Not sure why but I didn't like the way we worded it. Like I was asking for permission? Then, I got a little excited!

Well, that night (and every night since) we talked about having another child. He said he has been doing some "soul searching". Last night, we had an awesome talk-- stayed up past midnight.

If I heard him right, these are some of his "thoughts":
  • We finally have it "easy".
  • He's not looking forward to changing diapers
  • We would have to buy a new vehicle
  • He won't be able to take care of a newborn while he is coaching ball so we would need a sitter until I get home from work
  • We'll need to be a little more "tight" with our money (why he said that in the text)
  • Doesn't want to be confined to the house for 2 years-- we are finally able to "get up and go" and do things
  • He's not excited at all but once she's here, he knows he'll love her.
  • I definitely have to get on medicine if I decide to have one after it's born because I am a moody b!tch with post pardum blues.
  • He'll do anything to make me happy because he loves me with all his heart. (awww)

We talked about a reversal or adopting and he is leaving that decision to me. It's such a hard decision to make. It's like comparing apples to oranges. To me, I like them both-- they both taste sweet, taste good and any day, I would eat either one.

I have looked in the reversal and I'm not sure that is the right option. Especially when there is no guarantee-- even after paying $5,000. The alternative is invitro. I know it's against some people beliefs, but it is an option that I am open to. Especially since my insurance company pays for 90% of it (but no meds- darn).

Then there is also the adoption route. I have us signed up for the October foster-to-adopt classes. I'm so apprehensive on some things. I'm afraid that the child will want to find their birth parents some day and I think that would break my heart (like I'm not good enough). I'm scared of the birth parents trying to get the child back and that- of course- would devastate me. I'm afraid we won't get approved to adopt. But it is "cheaper" than the alternative AND I am guaranteed a "daughter".

People are so quick to judge me. For example: "You are crazy for wanting another child" or "You have a perfect family now" or "Why do you want to go through that". Well, maybe that's how THEY feel. I feel it would be a blessing. Something I have always wanted.

I'm just scared of making the wrong decision. I'm 34. The clock is ticking. What to do. What to do.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

WDW trip report

I FINALLY started my trip report from the family WDW trip in June. Check it out!!!

As always, you better post your comments!
And if you are family, you have to read to keep me in check. My memory on a few things are a little fuzzy!

September all ready?

Are you serious? September?! I'm not ready to say good-bye to summer! Yesterday was Labor Day--to me the official end to summer. Yes, it's still hot outside. Yes, you can still jump in a pool. Yes, the kids have been in school for over 2 weeks now. Yes, my flowers are still blooming. I know all of that- but as of yesterday, summer is over! I guess I better start making my Christmas list.

Jared and I always find something to send money on during the Memorial or Labor Day weekends. For example, we bought his truck on Memorial Day and we bought my car on Labor Day. Sunday, I was scrapbooking and he says to me "Let's go buy a TV" (for the basement) so we headed to Best Buy. You have to understand, Jared worked on finishing "his" space for a long time. He did it cheap as possible-- collecting leftover stuff from job sites. Not sure how much-- or should I say how little he has in it, but we finished the basement with very little money. Now comes the time for the "big" expense. I really didn't want to drain the savings BUT this bare, finished space was driving me more crazy! Prior to going to Best Buy Jared picked out a smaller TV but once we got to the store, we decided to go bigger. Especially since they took my 12% off coupon even though it was all ready on sale. So here it is- our new TV! It's not 100% set up yet but it's still exciting! Next purchase will be the 2 Bengals couches that he designed this whole room around. Guess that will be next Memorial Day!!! I can't wait!!!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008


Things you may not have known about Me

10 years ago I was: working at Covered Bridge, finalizing my wedding plans, and taking care of my newborn Brett

Five things I did today: 1. cleaned 2. watched a parade 3. went to Ryan's birthday party 4. bought a bottle of wine at the Winefest 5. got a black eye from my kids giving me a group hug :-)

Snack I enjoy: hot pepper cheese cubes with Ritz crackers

Things I would do if a Millionaire: quit my current job and have a daughter. A month long vacation with the kids would be nice too!

Places I have lived: Not many- Batesville, IN and Sunman, IN

Just a few pics from the 5 things I did today:

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Okay- just a few words! :-) Hard to believe that the boys have been in school for 2 weeks all ready!!! Here they are on the first day-- don't they look so happy to be going back???

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


It's so weird that the Olymics is over! Maybe I can finally get some sleep this week. I stayed up wayyyyy too late watching swimming, gymnastics, beach volleyball and track and field.

My favorite memory of the games had to be Michael Phelps. Of course it was awesome to watch something no one had ever watched before but the night he went for his 8th gold was a night I hope I don't ever forget. Brett decided to sleep in my bed with me. (Something I only let him do about 3 times a year) As we sat up and watched Michael swim about half way through the race, Brett says "mom, this is so exciting!". After he won, we cheered and cheered! Brett wouldn't stop talking about it. It was just a special moment. Everytime they would show his mom on TV, I would get tears in my eyes because I can't imiagine how proud she is of her son. The next morning, I watched ESPN and of course, they were talking about Michael and the relationship he has with his mom. His mom said that he was diagnosed with ADD at the age of 7 and she had to put him on Ritalin. But she also kept him involved in swimming because it was the only thing that would keep him focused. Oh I knew there was a reason his "story" captivates me! I know Brett is going to do great things with his life......but I can only hope that we always have that special relationship that only a mom and son can have!!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

1st football games!!!

Nolan and Brett had their first football games yesterday against the tough Franklin Co. teams. Nolan's team lost 14-8 and Brett's team won 14-0. I am SOOOOO proud of both boys! They did sooo good. Its amazing to see the difference in Nolan in just a year. I can't believe one tiny pill can make that much difference in a kid but it does. ((Say what you want about ADHD-- I'm just glad I got more educated about the disorder!)) His ability to focus alone is amazing!!! Just look at him in this picture (on the left)-- eyeing down the competition-- ready to defend his position. Last year he made one tackle ALL season. Yesterday alone, I think I heard his name 4 or 5 times. I know I heard Brett's more than that. He did amazing as well. He played defensive end during the whole game for the first time. The very first play of the game he had a fumble recovery! He also played center. I still think he's the best center in the league. :-) My sister Melissa came and watched the game. I didn't get to talk to her much because I was busy filming the games. She did next me and said "Brett is really good" which of course made me smile!!! The picture above is one of his many tackles. I can't wait to see what both boys do this season!

Bradley had his first game tonight in Richmond, IN. I am soooo bummed I missed it because of work. They won like 44-0 or something like that. Man I wish I was there!

So after the boys games yesterday, most of the coaches came over to watch "game film". Does anyone else find it disturbing they are watching film on 1st and 2nd graders? Regardless, that's what they did. Watching, rewinding, slow-motion.....they watched it over and over. I guess it's good that they want to improve and be the best. I can respect that. And I should expect that. After all, Jared is missing a day of our 10 year Anniversary trip (and flying down separately) just so he doesn't miss 2 football games. I have yet to come to terms on that one.

Speaking of him.....After getting adoption info in the mail today, I brought up adoption again tonight. It didn't go over well. I didn't bring it up at a good time. He just got home from practice and I should have known better. It just came out. I've been wanting to bring it up for awhile and I have been avoiding it. I guess deep down I knew what his reaction was going to be. Just hoping for a better outcome. Maybe I brought it up because one of my managers talked to me for about an hour today about adoption. She is doing the foster to adopt program and has just started her training. I was excited for her! I just know there is somone out in this world who is counting on me. It's a weird feeling. Can't describe it. Tonight when I go to bed, I will say an extra prayer that God helps me through all these feelings.......

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Saturday, August 23, 2008

So I have been wanting to start blogging for a long time now. FINALLY I am taking the plunge!!!

Yesterday, I took Nolan to the doctor for an ear infection. On my way there I was doing some self-reflecting on where my life is right now. Well-- it started when my car turned over the big milestone-- 100,000 miles!!!! And I started thinking about that car and how many places it has been. It has traveled over 100,000 miles to work, numerous grocery trips, doctor visits, 4-H fairs, Walt Disney World, Cedar Point, shopping, and not to mention the MANY trip to the gas stations. (Is gas ever going to go back down?)

My car, yes it has traveled many miles, but it has alot of life in it left. I can relate. I have been a daughter for 34 years, a mom for 15 years and a wife for almost 10 years. I have done alot in my life but I'm not done yet. I still want to make a difference in a like of a child who doesn't have a chance. I just feel like it my calling to adopt a daughter. I've been saying it for years but I think it's time to pursue this. I can't imiagine my living my life without at least trying. I don't want to have any regrets days, months or even years from now. I hope God leads me to do the right thing.

Other things-- I took Brett and Nolan to see Wall-E today. You know I love Disney but it was just "okay". Or you could say it was "cute". Tomorrow is Brett and Nolan's first football games. I hope everything goes good! Maybe I can post my first pictures then too!

Well, hopefully this blog thing works out! I think it's going to be fun!!!