Tuesday, August 26, 2008


It's so weird that the Olymics is over! Maybe I can finally get some sleep this week. I stayed up wayyyyy too late watching swimming, gymnastics, beach volleyball and track and field.

My favorite memory of the games had to be Michael Phelps. Of course it was awesome to watch something no one had ever watched before but the night he went for his 8th gold was a night I hope I don't ever forget. Brett decided to sleep in my bed with me. (Something I only let him do about 3 times a year) As we sat up and watched Michael swim about half way through the race, Brett says "mom, this is so exciting!". After he won, we cheered and cheered! Brett wouldn't stop talking about it. It was just a special moment. Everytime they would show his mom on TV, I would get tears in my eyes because I can't imiagine how proud she is of her son. The next morning, I watched ESPN and of course, they were talking about Michael and the relationship he has with his mom. His mom said that he was diagnosed with ADD at the age of 7 and she had to put him on Ritalin. But she also kept him involved in swimming because it was the only thing that would keep him focused. Oh I knew there was a reason his "story" captivates me! I know Brett is going to do great things with his life......but I can only hope that we always have that special relationship that only a mom and son can have!!!!

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Melbasketcase said...

You are a wonderful mother and not to mention sister. All your boys will grow up to do brillant things because they have you for a mom. I am so proud of what you've accomplished in your life and the person you are. (I feel as if I had a hand in that. You know what I mean) Love you sis!