Monday, August 25, 2008

1st football games!!!

Nolan and Brett had their first football games yesterday against the tough Franklin Co. teams. Nolan's team lost 14-8 and Brett's team won 14-0. I am SOOOOO proud of both boys! They did sooo good. Its amazing to see the difference in Nolan in just a year. I can't believe one tiny pill can make that much difference in a kid but it does. ((Say what you want about ADHD-- I'm just glad I got more educated about the disorder!)) His ability to focus alone is amazing!!! Just look at him in this picture (on the left)-- eyeing down the competition-- ready to defend his position. Last year he made one tackle ALL season. Yesterday alone, I think I heard his name 4 or 5 times. I know I heard Brett's more than that. He did amazing as well. He played defensive end during the whole game for the first time. The very first play of the game he had a fumble recovery! He also played center. I still think he's the best center in the league. :-) My sister Melissa came and watched the game. I didn't get to talk to her much because I was busy filming the games. She did next me and said "Brett is really good" which of course made me smile!!! The picture above is one of his many tackles. I can't wait to see what both boys do this season!

Bradley had his first game tonight in Richmond, IN. I am soooo bummed I missed it because of work. They won like 44-0 or something like that. Man I wish I was there!

So after the boys games yesterday, most of the coaches came over to watch "game film". Does anyone else find it disturbing they are watching film on 1st and 2nd graders? Regardless, that's what they did. Watching, rewinding, slow-motion.....they watched it over and over. I guess it's good that they want to improve and be the best. I can respect that. And I should expect that. After all, Jared is missing a day of our 10 year Anniversary trip (and flying down separately) just so he doesn't miss 2 football games. I have yet to come to terms on that one.

Speaking of him.....After getting adoption info in the mail today, I brought up adoption again tonight. It didn't go over well. I didn't bring it up at a good time. He just got home from practice and I should have known better. It just came out. I've been wanting to bring it up for awhile and I have been avoiding it. I guess deep down I knew what his reaction was going to be. Just hoping for a better outcome. Maybe I brought it up because one of my managers talked to me for about an hour today about adoption. She is doing the foster to adopt program and has just started her training. I was excited for her! I just know there is somone out in this world who is counting on me. It's a weird feeling. Can't describe it. Tonight when I go to bed, I will say an extra prayer that God helps me through all these feelings.......

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