Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Last day of school....

Last day of school....

Seems so hard to believe that today was the last day of school. The VERY last day for Bradley. I can't believe his high school days are over. This morning before he left for school, I took a picture of him with a picture of his very first day of kindergarten.

We both pulled out of the driveway at the same time.

He went left.
I went right.

He drove off and kept going.
I stopped and watched.

As I watched him drive away in my rearview mirror, I realized I had the same emotions that I had on his very first day of school.

Tears filled my eyes. It seems like just yesterday when he got on that big yellow school bus so confidently and all smiles. And now here he is driving away, probably just as confident and all smiles. That same smile. Sure, he may say there are differences.

He's smarter.
He's wiser.
He's faster.
He's taller.

But to me it's the same.

I'm just as proud.
I'm just as nervous.
I'm just as excited.
I'm just as worried.

Have I done enough as his mom to prepare him for the world? Have I raised him to be independant and hard-working? Have I influenced him enough to be able to make good choices?

Then I realized that your whole like is about education. Just because his high school years are over, he will never quit learning. There's some truth in that old saying "you learn something new every day".

Today I learned that no matter what the age or grade, children fill your heart with love and happiness. And no matter what the age or grade, you will always worry about them. For that, I am forever grateful for all the experiences....no matter what age or grade!

I love you Mr. Bradley!