Saturday, August 23, 2008

Saturday, August 23, 2008

So I have been wanting to start blogging for a long time now. FINALLY I am taking the plunge!!!

Yesterday, I took Nolan to the doctor for an ear infection. On my way there I was doing some self-reflecting on where my life is right now. Well-- it started when my car turned over the big milestone-- 100,000 miles!!!! And I started thinking about that car and how many places it has been. It has traveled over 100,000 miles to work, numerous grocery trips, doctor visits, 4-H fairs, Walt Disney World, Cedar Point, shopping, and not to mention the MANY trip to the gas stations. (Is gas ever going to go back down?)

My car, yes it has traveled many miles, but it has alot of life in it left. I can relate. I have been a daughter for 34 years, a mom for 15 years and a wife for almost 10 years. I have done alot in my life but I'm not done yet. I still want to make a difference in a like of a child who doesn't have a chance. I just feel like it my calling to adopt a daughter. I've been saying it for years but I think it's time to pursue this. I can't imiagine my living my life without at least trying. I don't want to have any regrets days, months or even years from now. I hope God leads me to do the right thing.

Other things-- I took Brett and Nolan to see Wall-E today. You know I love Disney but it was just "okay". Or you could say it was "cute". Tomorrow is Brett and Nolan's first football games. I hope everything goes good! Maybe I can post my first pictures then too!

Well, hopefully this blog thing works out! I think it's going to be fun!!!

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