Friday, September 5, 2008

I got tagged....

How old will you be in 3 birthdays? 37

What were you doing at midnight last night? Sleeping

What was the last thing you drank? Diet Coke

Do you sleep on a certain side of the bed?Yes, I sleep on the right side if you are layingon the bed.

Do you know how to play poker? yes

Do you know how to drive stick? yes-- barely

Do you still have clothes from when you were little? Only my baptismal gown. I do have high school clothes though.

What are you mad about right now? Nothing

Are you a jealous person? depends. Not usually

Who is the sweetest person you know? Nolan

Do you know what you are going to wear tomorrow? Boys have football game so I know it'll be blue and gold

Is your current hair color your natural hair color? no

Have you ever dated anyone more than once? who care

Does anyone like you? My hubby. My kids

What were you doing an hour ago? Writing another chapter for my Disney trip report

Where were you Friday night? A week ago- at the HS football game

Do you wear the seatbelt in the car? Always

Has anyone ever mistaken you for someone else? Yes. People say I remind them of someone all the time

What's the closest blue object to you? Label on a water bottle

What is the weather like today? It rained

Has anyone ever told you they love you? Duh- yes

Is tomorrow going to be a good day? I really hope so...

Do you have a pet? Yes, I guess we have 2 cats since 1 stray isn't going away.

Who was the last person you saw in person? Jared

Are you pregnant? I wish.

What do you hear right now? TV- 20/20

What did you do this past Sunday? watched the lawn mower races and went to a neighbors house

When is the last time you slept in a bed with someone? Last night.

Are you happy with life right now? Yes....

Are you on someone else's mind? I hope so....

Any regrets?Yes....see previous posts

What is your favorite fruit? Pineapple

Do you trust people easily? no way

Who do you call the most? My sister

What is your favorite thing to shop for? scrapbooking supplies

What company is your cellphone provider? Cincinnati Bell

In school, how was/is your attendance record? Terrible. Yet I don't miss much work.

Do you like spicy foods? Yes!

At what age did you learn to ride a bike? I was old...4th grade maybe

What's your favorite holiday? Christmas

Have you ever gone to a concert?Yes, Jared took me to my first concert when I was 21 or 23-- KISS.

Ever dyed your hair? Quite a bit.

Would you rather own a snake or a rabbit? Rabbit.

Would you rather spend or save your money? Spend

Do you ever wear hats? yeah, sometimes

Do you ever get hit on? no....I'm losing my touch

Which do you like more, Pepsi or Mountain Dew? Hate Pepsi. Love Diet Mountain Dew

Do you wet the toothbrush before the toothpaste? Yes

What do you like on your toast? Butter and sugar/cinnamon

Where do you like to keep your money? bad habit-- pocket

Do you watch the news daily? Yes. Depressing though.

Do you have over 150 myspace friends? No, not yet

Have you ever gotten into a car crash? yes

Do you like to press the coin return button on everything for free money? No- my mom used to do that it drives me crazy

Do you clean when you're upset? Sometimes. Usually eat.

What day of the week did/will your birthday fall on this year? Saturday. I spent it watching the boys play football.

Did you wear clip-on/stick-on earrings as a child? LOL yes!

Have you ever seen Walk the Line? yes

Have you eaten pancakes in the past week? No.

Are puddles the best part about rain? No-- especailly if they are on the road.

Do you have curtains in your room? yes

Do you have plans for tonight? Sleep! It's getting late!

Are you wearing anything you borrowed from someone? No

Do you have your nails done? no

Are sunsets romantic? They are beautiful. I love them.

Do you know anyone with Alzheimer's? No. But my mom might be close.

Can you sing all the RENT songs by heart? OMG, yes!

Red or green apples? Red- gala

Do you know anyone who's pregnant? Yes

Can you make brownies without having to look at the directions? OMG- leave my brownie story alone!!!!

Are crayons better than colored pencils? no

Do you have hairspray in your hair? Yes

What were you doing at 9:30 AM? Working....hard :-)

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