Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day...a letter to my boys

Dear Bradley, Brett and Nolan,

It's November 4th, 2008. A historic day. No matter how I vote today, Americans and I will make history today. Democrat Barack Obama could become the first African-American president. Republican John McCain could become the oldest president elected to a first term. Sarah Palin could become the first woman elected vice president. Record voter turnout also is predicted.

I know you don't completely understand this whole election thing, but your interest in the election has been exciting. Its great to talk to you about the topics that the candidates are talking about. You have voted at Nick.com, you have made your signs, you wore red, white and blue today and you have watched the news with me. You have talked to kids at school about the election and have come home with questions about taxes, jobs and Barak's middle name. You have seen the commercials on TV that are mean and distasteful and asked why people would say such mean, hurtful and sometimes untruthful things. With all these things to help you form your opinion--You don't agree with each other on who to vote for. Bradley & Brett, you want me to vote McCain. Nolan, you want me to vote for Obama.

The 2008 race for the White House has been going on for over 21 months and people are engaged. It has rewritten the rules on how to reach voters, raise money, organize supporters, manage the news media, track and mold public opinion, and wage -- and withstand -- political attacks. What it has given people, is a sense of hope. It has also brought to the surface a lot of emotion and some outrage. People are ready for change.

I am ready for change. I am voting because we need a change. Today I'm voting for a change. I have traditionally voted for the best candidate- I have never really picked a party, so that doesn't sway my vote today. I have not been impressed with what is happening to our country. Today, I am voting for Barak Obama to be our next president. Sorry Brett. This multicultural, bi-racial idealist is who I feel will best bring about the change that we need in America.

I worry about your future. I worry about what it will mean to grow up a boy in this community, in this state, in this country. I worry that someday your choices will be limited and that you may have to settle instead of reaching for your dreams. I'm worried that you may get sick and that I won't be able to get you the best medical care possible. I'm concerned that you'll be forced to live in a land full of polluted water, air and no natural resources. I'm worried that you may be forced to fight in wars that have no point and no end. I'm voting today with this in mind. I'm voting for your future.

You are lucky in that you were born to two white, educated, professional adults. Apparently, this makes a difference in this country. You are lucky to have parents that can afford to take you to the doctor when you need it. You are lucky to be in an amazing school that constantly tries to improve. Too many kids in this country are not as lucky as you. Something must be done.
When you are older and reading this letter, you will know what the outcome of this election meant for our country. What progress was made. You will know how the war ended with Iraq, and how our nation got out of this terrible economic condition that we are in. What I hope that you will see is how people listened to their hearts, got involved and made a difference. What a changed world that can make.

I want you to know all of these things, because today when I vote I'm thinking of you.

Hugs, kisses and love always,

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