Friday, November 5, 2010

$*&# my mom says!!!

I just got back from spending 4 magical days in WDW with my mom last week.

Here we are on the plane. So excited to leave!

On the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad....

In France with a delicious drink....

In Italy....

Mickey's handprints at Planet Hollywood...

So my point of this post is to keep track of my facebook status updates from the trip. My sister Crystal said I should have made a journal but since that won't happen, I still wanted to keep track of the posts here.

So in order, here they are.

Just landed after having a delay in Indy because of storms. A baby whined the whole time and the lady beside me had her shirt inside out and kept popping her gum. I finally asked mom to stop....

Just met the princesses and mom didn't even know who they were. I think that qualifies for park eviction.

Mom and I were talking about Disney Cruise Line. She was shocked when I told her we went to the Bahamas so I said where did you think it went. She said "here" (as in WDW) ummm....nearest ocean is 2 hrs away...

Happy birthday to my brother Randy! My mom just said she always feels like crap on her kids birthdays because she thinks her body goes through the labor process again. Yep, 47 yrs later.

Mom just looked at the palm of her hand and asked me which one is the life line. I said I didn't know. She said someone once told her she was going to live until she's 91. Hope so...who would we smile at?

I just made a pressed penny and mom said make sure u don't spend it.

Omg. We are in UK and they have a store full of Beatles stuff and mom says I thought the Beatles were from London.

mom just started to say something and she said instead "never mind, it'll end up on Facebook"

Mom "do you have to go potty"
Me "no"
Mom "when did you go?"
Me "back there"
Mom "where?"
...Me "does it really matter? I don't have to go POTTY!" Geez :)

We are eating dinner in Mexico and are so stuffed we can't finish everything so mom says "my dogs wouldn't be very happy with me right now"

We slept in today, so I handed mom the remote and told her to find Regis and Kelly. She does but I see it go from channel 9 to channel 10 back to channel 9, back to 10...this goes on about 8 times when I finally say do you realize you are on the same channels? Her reply "nuh eh, I'm hitting the down bu ...uhh, no I'm n...ot, I was hitting the previous channel button."

bought a big bag of my favorite jelly bellies last night, sizzling cinnamon. I had a few laying out to eat this morning and mom says "do you want a swig of this diet coke to take your pills?" Me: "What pills? Those are my jelly beans" "oh" she says.

Omg she is rubbing off on me! I just had a Bertie moment ....I was looking everywhere for the lid to my cup and it was in my hand!!!

We are eating creamed brulee, which is delicious, and mom says "would you be embarrassed if I licked this dish clean" ......"ummm, at this point, nope!"

Now I know why mom gets lost. She pays attention to people all around her while I pay attention to the landmarks, buildings and things that don't change.

Definition of TMI: your mom telling you its been 6 years since she has made whoopie.

So today when I was at the pool, mom decides to join me so and I see her walking towards me but she doesn't see me. She is squinting, looking all around for me when I am 5 feet from her. So I say to her "ma'am, are you looking for someone?" And she replies "Christina" and I say "I'm right here"......"oh" she replies. ...So I wonder if a random person would've known who Christina was :)

so mom's Yahtzee game broke and she had to throw it away this morning. We got back to the room right now and she got it back out of the garbage to see if it works yet. This place is magical but not that magical.

My mom doesn't know a stranger. She talks to everyone around her. The other night when we were in line for the princesses, she was bent over talking to a chatty 6 year old girl about her first trip here. As mom was in full sentence, the girl interrupts mom to say "you just spit on me".

Mom says nothing is funny today because we have to go home tonight.

I just volunteered us for exit row seats. Mom asked what that means so I told her. She doesn't believe me so I told her I wouldn't joke about that. Actually with every question of hers that I answer, she never believes me. She said its because of her joke-sters son in laws. Gee thanks.

some of my favorite comments....
Brittany Elizabeth said: ok so Im wasting time in between my classes, so I start reading all your statuses about Grandma..and I LOLed for real and all the people around me gave me a weird look. Love you guys! have fun!
Deena Miller Gindling said: I don't know your mom but have enjoyed your posts today...its so neat you guys are having this time together!

Rebecca Retzner Wilhelm said: your posts are cracking me up.. I have actually been reading my favorites out loud in the office.. how many more days? thanks for all the LOLs.. :)

Jenny Gindling said:  It sounds like you two really enjoyed your trip! I wish I could have done something like this with my mom. I really miss her. Treasure your time together!

Anne Johnson said:  You need to take your mom on more trips, this has been very entertaining!

Marcia Boles Bauman said:  You have got to STOP it! You are killing me with these. I think they should rename that sitcom "S*#T my mom says...."

Melissa Bauman said:  Love her too......but ya know what makes it all the more funny, half the times she has no idea why we laugh at the things she says! lol

April Sunny Ramsey-Holtzclaw said: roflmao! Your Mom sounds like she may be akin to Rose from Golden Girls.... does she ever tell stories about things with names you couldn't spell if you had to? ;)

Okay....I think that should be a good starter for my journal. Whatcha think?

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