Wednesday, December 8, 2010

More Facebook crap

So this number game is going on over on Facebook.

I'm not going to's really annoying.

I mean REALLY annoying.

You send people a number in their inbox and they will post something on their wall with that number, so only you know its about you. I sent some people my number and this is what they are saying....

April Sunny Ramsey-Holtzclaw ‎#1674- Woman, you are a nut, and I absolutely LOVE that about you! You are open and honest (both things that I admire) while keeping your belief in magic – a true feat these days. I feel so blessed to know you!

Susanne Warner #‎1674: you took Crystal and I to kings island w/ some dude in a buick and jammmmmed to up where we belong and that song where it goes, people say we're crazy, what do they know?, maybe we can make it if we're heart to heart, or something like that...hahaaa. I thought u were real cool bc u were older. then we lost touch until recently, and its nice to be back n touch with u, ur like part of our family now. :)
Tanesha Blankenship ‎1674--A fun spirit who knows how to hide the naughty behind professionalism! I have a lot to learn!!! :)

Chad Christopher Michael McDevitt #‎1674 definitly a freak!!, but i wouldn't want to have it any other way lol. have known ya for almost 10 years now and i should have known from the get go how you'd be haha, it's funny seeing the 2 sides of you that i see....from on here involving your family stuff, and then the other side of your personality....the true you side lol but both are enjoyable and we definitly have some good convos
Porsha Thompson ‎#1674 kick ass last name personality to match bcuz yu dnt tke no shit!

Shane Marquis ‎1674: I'm glad I got to learn what I had to learn from you. You managed to take a subject that isn't fun at all and you made it fun to learn with the great sense of humor and energy you brought to the classroom. I wasn't expecting to have fun and make a lot of good memories at that place. So this is me saying damn you for making it s...o fun! Once reality hit and we had to go to work, I wanted to become an alcoholic!.......Hahaha..Seriously though, I think you're a great person and I'm glad we met and still keep in touch here on Fb.

Ami Carpenter ‎# 1674- I just recently met you. You seem well grounded and I like that about you. When someone says something that makes no sense your face expressions crack me up. Your really outgoing and I feel I can trust you with anything. Thanks for being there though my little mental breakdown last week and being so understanding. I hope I still see you after Friday! It's not going to be the same without you there!

Okay, it's annoying to read all the other numbers but I have to admit, it was fun finding my number and seeing what they said about me.
And this my friends, is reason number 1674 why I am addicted to the internet!!!

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